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Our bedding products are manufactured with attention to detail. All of our fabric is Yarn-Dyed. Yarn dying is a superior process that ensures high color fastness, safeguarding the material from fading over time. Like haute couture clothing, we sew all of our seams with a lock-stitch instead of a chain stitch. Should a stitch break, the advantage of lock-stitching is just that stitch will break, instead of the whole line of stitching coming undone. We even hand sew our embroidered stitching.



Our attention to detail in all of our materials is the hallmark of our products. We only use the finest cotton in the world. We use super fine, long-staple fibers which are twice combed and then ring spun into silk-like fine yarns, guaranteeing the strongest, yet softest yarns, and producing a smooth and supple weave. We use mother-of-pearl buttons on our duvet and sham closures. After each wash, your bedding will look fresh and new.